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Be you an athlete or someone who has never taken part in any sport, many understand as the hotdog is to the bun the same can be said of athletes and steroids; they go hand-in-hand. As many understand the relationship between athletes and steroids runs deep even more are still unaware in an almost lobotomized state of acceptance and denial. If you didn’t know any better and most don’t, you’d think the relationship of athletes and steroids was a minor one made up of cheaters, bodybuilders and of course the Jersey Shore but you’d be dead wrong.Check This Out

We know that athletes and steroids share a very special and closely tied relationship as far back as the 1950’s and heavily and in increasing fashion since the 1970’s. We also know this special relationship of athletes and steroids stretches past the advent of synthetic anabolic steroid use; professional athletes, most notable in baseball were using testosterone extract from live animal testicles as early as the 1890’s; even Babe Ruth himself took part in this practice.

Let’s be honest, is the relationship between athletes and steroids really that hard to believe, especially in professional sports? Our professional athletes are asked to play at an enormous level of athletic ability that has a demand on the body that would leave most crying in a pool of their own blood. Further, we reward our athletes based on their performance; did you understand that, really, do you understand? The better you perform, the higher your reward; conversely, the weaker you perform the less you are rewarded and often this lesser reward equates to no reward at all. Because of this reason athletes and steroids, this relationship will always exist; it has been born out of necessity and we as a society have created the footing and we hold the gate key.