Cozy Decor-Home Decor With Curios

We all know of someone in the family or a friend who is extremely fond of curios. They collect a variety of unusual trinkets from all the places they travel to or simply love to collect them by shopping regularly. Let us take have a look at some brilliant yet easy to do home decor ideas for all curio lovers.More tips hereĀ cozy decor.

Entrance: Use this part to show your love for your little curios, to everyone who enters your home. You can keep a long table with drawers and add an assorted collection of curios on the table. This will not only make your entrance look gorgeous but create a style statement too.

Living room: The best place to experiment with your amazing collection of curios, the living room is just the place for you. Install staggered shelves on the walls with spotlights to accentuate the look of the room and your curios or decorate the center or side table with your favorite pieces.

Kitchen: The top of your chimney is a perfect spot to keep some gorgeous curios, but ones that are heat proof. If you have bone china knick-knacks or little souvenirs of clay, they would fit perfectly on the chimney. You can also create a small corner on the wall to display your love for curios, probably to match the kitchen.

Bedroom: A long headboard above your bed or a side table serves the purpose of displaying your amazing collection of curios. You can also arrange them on your dresser to compliment the intricacy of the room.

Curio Cabinets: Startle your visitors with some exotic curio collections in a corner curio cabinets.

Contemporary curio shelves: Devote a hallway or a section of your living space to curios by organizing them against an open shelf with multiple sized and shaped cubbyholes.

Separator: Create a divider of curio collections to separate two zones of your living space – it also adds an element generating interest among your guests

Dining: Convert the dining experience into quite an exotic experience with a classic collection of glass and ceramics displayed elegantly within wall-mounted glass-door shelves.

Traditional versus contemporary: Each form of curio has a unique style – mix and match or create theme-based decor concepts from your curios – be it porcelain objects or brass idols or antique pieces or even books!

Balcony: Transform your balconies into exciting spaces that tell interesting stories by placing fascinating curios like a lamp or a candleholder tucked away in a quiet corner.