Water Wise – Pool landscpaing ideas

Swimming pools are luxury installations but with a very functional purpose. Unlike the past where owners of pools were typically very wealthy, even modest income families today are beginning to reconsider what they once thought was a luxury item.

The great thing about swimming pools is that not only do they let you swim but they add significant value to landscapes and real estate as a whole. In regions where water isn’t scarce, buyers are likely to favor properties with pools especially if they have families who love to indulge in a dip. And what’s more, pools don’t have to be large, ostentatious installations; small ones such as spas and spools are more than enough for people who’re looking for relaxation rather than physical exercise.click here

Aside from the pools themselves, pool landscapes define how beautiful these bodies of water are. They can literally change the aura and appearance. Imagine a long lap pool that’s without any surrounding ornamentation, just a deck. Now reimaging it with flowing plants, stonework and gravel lining the beds of flowers gardens. Which would you pick?

Pool landscaping is an art that’s very different from landscaping a garden. Knowledge of what water features work, whether lights can be used to enhance the environment and whether relaxation areas such as those with spa-like features should be included are decisions landscape artists have to make. This, after taking clients’ needs and wants into consideration. An understanding of real estate value is also important.

So what ideas can be incorporated into pool landscaping? Many and more. Check out these ideas designed to titillate the senses no matter what your style.

Making use of the natural environment
Natural surroundings including trees, vegetation, flowers – both potted and not – can be used to build a design around. If you have land to spare which has these three attributes, use them as the backdrop for your pool. Don’t tamper with the large stuff, i.e. the trees or shrubs, and use existing rocks to frame two sides of the pool. The other two sides can be used to contain deck chairs and a cabana. Add a little more vegetation like flowing plants, spacing them sporadically around the sides free of vegetation.

Tropical theme
Tropical themes are always great because who doesn’t like the feel of being in an exotic holiday destination? You’ll need to put in more work, though, as palm trees will have to be included. The decks can feature sandy tiles and you can even match the color to the façade of your house. Add low-lying vegetation to break up the stonework and to complement the trees.

Going infinity
Infinity pools or infinity edge pools are among the chicest pool styles you can have. They possess undefined edges – water actually flows down a catchment and is circulated back – which gives the illusion of an even larger pool and allows the implementation of numerous landscaping designs. You can literally add anything to the environment be it water features, plants, a fireplace/fire pit as long as the pool maintains its edgeless appearance at least on more than one side.

Design ideas for pools are not set in stone with only the lack of a big budget and a limited imagination curbing what you can do. Speak with a good pool landscaping designer for more ideas.